Zipwhip Enhanced Customer Engagement via Texting

Brendan Moore
Brendan Moore, VP Enterprise


“Zipwhip’s texting for business software lets insurance claims adjusters and agents securely and efficiently integrate texting into their daily workflows.”

The global insurance market is experiencing a significant technology shift. Traditional insurance and insurtech companies are collaborating more than ever, paving the way for new digital-first business models and revenue streams, fueled by an increase in technology adoption. These days it’s not uncommon to see a text message from a business pop up on our phones. With 91% of consumers reporting that they have received some text from a business, the insurance industry is starting to understand the positive impact that texting can have on their business. A recent research paper found that 47% of property and casualty insurers plan to incorporate SMS texting into their digital communication options through 2020. Insurance companies that reach their customers through text can promote loyalty. Customers will value and appreciate that texting is a fast and easy method of communication with their insurers.

Zipwhip pioneered Texting for Business™ in 2014 when it became the first company to text-enabled an existing landline phone number. Since then, the vertically integrated texting-for-business provider has been spearheading SMS innovation across various verticals, offering both Enterprise-Grade APIs and a SaaS platform – with insurance being one of the earliest adopters. Through Zipwhip’s management of the text network end-to-end, claims adjusters and insurance agents can engage in secure text messaging from any device using their existing landline, VoIP, or toll-free phone number.

In 2019, Zipwhip joined Guidewire PartnerConnect™ as a solution partner, and their API integration enables insurers using Guidewire ClaimCenter™ to integrate Zipwhip’s texting-for-business platform into their claims handling process.

With Zipwhip’s Ready for Guidewire integration, adjusters can auto-sync a claim number with text transcripts and archive text conversations in Zipwhip’s secure platform. This ensures the correct claim number is associated with the proper conversation. Adjusters can also improve the customer experience by sending automated texts throughout the claim’s workflow, enabling auto-replies and scheduling messages for the future. Zipwhip’s intuitive cloud-based software and enterprise-grade API allows any business to use a computer or mobile device to securely and reliably send and receive texts from their existing business phone number. With more than 35,000 businesses and 1,000+ insurance agencies relying on Zipwhip’s powerful tools and consumer-focused innovation, businesses and claims adjusters are empowered to communicate with their customers in the most effective way possible, using text messaging.

One such example is with Amerisure. When the A-rated property and casualty insurance company successfully deployed Zipwhip’s cloud-based texting platform to improve adjusters’ communication with claimants, Amerisure saw customer response rates exceed 90% within months of going live. From a technical standpoint, it was also essential that the system could scale. The Amerisure team thoroughly vetted Zipwhip’s technical architecture, product roadmap, and security to ensure it would meet stringent requirements.

“Not only was Zipwhip straightforward to roll out nationally, it offered a powerful, easy-to-use SaaS business texting platform for driving high levels of engagement. The response rates have just been phenomenal when compared to other forms of communications our customers use,” said Jim Suchara, Vice President of Innovation at Amerisure.

In today’s era of COVID-19, times are changing, and more companies are seeing the benefit of adopting business texting as a reliable and faster method of customer communication. An earlier survey we did in 2020 found that 68% of businesses reported using some form of texting to reach their customers. Texting is now the most preferred communication method for consumers, especially when scheduling appointments and receiving confirmations and reminders from businesses. Zipwhip is proud to say we’ve developed some of the best enterprise business texting solutions on the market with a suite of capabilities that address the specific challenges and needs of enterprises today, including the insurance industry. We’ve seen how texts can vastly improve customer and team communication, and the insurance industry is an excellent example of this.