Insurtech Start-ups Redefining the Insurance Industry

Insurtech Startups Redefining the Insurance Industry

Insurance is one of the most magnificent and most traditional industries, and until lately, it has proved relatively resistant to improve. In the last few years, increasing amounts of tech start-ups have developed and started to encroach on the area of the big players. U.K. insurance, in special, has seen a surge in action and a sharp increase in fundraising. Last time it attracted USD1.7 billion in investment.

Insurtech businesses tend to focus on enhanced personalization and higher speed and performance of services to meet changing customer requirements, with many applying AI to offer deeper data insights. And while some are placed on displacing the industry officials, others are working with the principal insurance firms as they transition to the generation of digital innovation.


This insurtech company is changing the way car insurers manage claims by applying AI to contingency and disaster recovery. The technology studies the asset damage and prophesies repair costs from photos in real-time so that bills can be settled faster. Instead of it taking ages or even weeks to assess a damage suit after a car accident, for insurers utilizing Tractable, it now takes minutes.

Established in 2014, Tractable is led by Adrien Cohen, Alex Dalyac, and Razvan Ranca, and is being adopted by some of the largest insurance companies in the business to capture photos at the time of an accident and receive an estimate of the destruction very quickly. Previously this perception recognition technology wasn’t advanced complete, and companies didn’t have admittance to enough data to make their models work correctly. Tractable solves both problems by preparing its deep learning technology on over 100 million pictures.


The app-based freelancer insurer allows freelancers to match their insurance to their on-demand working experiences, something they have previously found troublesome to do.

Established in 2017 by Edward Woodcock, Ben Wilks, and Robert Hartley, three former employees of insurance company Simply Business, Dinghy began the world’s first on-demand professional compensation insurance and on-demand public liability protection, business equipment cover, legal costs, and cyber liability protection.

The Dinghy platform has been developed to retrieve quotes within 45 seconds and orders in less than three minutes. Its unique mobile-first platform has multiple API integrations to advance up completion, while insurance admin experience is massively reduced. This means that a freelancer can be incorporated when they work, and conserve money by toggling their cover under when they are not.


The unpredictable and often unpredictable world of external data can cause insurers a real problem, leading to delays in preparing new opportunities and managing current books of business.

Untangler is the insurtech that goes around that problem by using AI to identify the inbound customer or employee data in any arrangement, transform it into coherent data in seconds from which providers can generate quotes without having to process the data within cells. Started in May this year the technology was produced by entrepreneurs Richard Stewart and Steve Carter, initially for their own start-up Untangl, which provides employee benefits, including insurance commodities, to SMEs.

Business Comparison

Now insurance comparison platforms are the primary port of call for consumers in the domestic business as a way of finding the most affordable deals quickly and efficiently, but up until recently similar services simply didn’t survive for business customers.

This rift in the market was recognized by previous employee Philip Brennan, who had earlier headed up the company’s business channels. In 2015 he arrived up with a solution, Business Comparison. When a company submits its insurance requirements to the portal, they are united to the best deal within moments.